“To Love Beauty is to see Light”
Victor Hugo (French poet 1802 – 1885)

When we think of creativity, we include many of the great artists of now and of times past, of how they influenced our understanding of art. Yet it takes a visionary talent that can guide us and make us aware of our own deep needs in the creativity within ourselves. It can be music, visual arts, sculptures. Choices we make for our own pleasure, also influence our well-being, defining them is an art in itself! Of course, a home comes to mind first, and how we create our environment of joy, calm and when it becomes a source of well-being.

A great assistance in these choices is a person who understands and knows of these needs. A home defines us, surrounded by items of value or of a journey down memory lane. To guide these sentiments, one needs to find a knowledgeable and insightful interior designer. One would be Carolina von Humboldt …her insights into different cultures and five languages are a great addition to her talents. In a conversation with Carolina, she pointed to the influence of many insights by traveling, seeing and experiencing great art of times past and now.

Photo by Christophe von Hohenberg

What was the influence that made you decide to be an Interior Designer?
“I have a muralist and trompe-l’oeil background, so to jump to Interior Design was not that far out. I think a home is the most important thing one can have, when I moved to New York I was totally convinced of it. I like to combine styles, I like the feeling and look of vintage/ antique pieces which come with their own history, mystery and marvelous handcraft. I like to use color. Color is life and has to flow subtly through a room.”


What is the quality you look for in a piece of art?
“It must move me, that it appeals to my feelings and impressions. I also think that an original piece has a sense of being genuine and immediately recognizable. Maybe the sense of eternity is part of the pleasure. It reminds of the bust of Nefertiti ( Egyptian Queen 1353-1336 BC ) every time I visit Das Neue Museum in Berlin, I see her … she is always peaceful and beautiful. It is a great accomplishment and gives a sense of eternity.”

Who are your favorite writers or painters?
“It is difficult to answer for there are many fantastic painters and writers. I feel unfair leaving out many. But here it goes …writers would Jacques Benoit-Mechin, Lesley Blanch, Patrick Modiano, Pierre Assouline, Antonia Fraser, Angelika Schrobsdorff. Painters would be Bronzini, Tiepolo, Paul Klee, Picasso, Modigliani…then I would include Sol Lewitt and Al Anatsui .”

What is your most treasured possession?
“A photo of my father.”

Photo by Christophe von Hohenberg

Carolina’s approach to interior design is to highlight the best qualities and display the feeling of joy, which she finds in different parts of the world. To make a home a refuge from a busy, complex life is always a challenge. A resourceful designer has to have an understanding of psychology besides fine taste. It takes knowledge to be able to guide a person through the choices to bring a client’s dream to fruition. Buying something beautiful for the home of a client also demands an understanding of his or her needs. It takes skill and a clear vision to combine pieces of furniture of different periods, including buying art and is an additional responsibility of making a home. A home is never indifferent nor callous for its statement is always Welcome!

Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people – the beauty within themselves.” Langston Hughes (American Poet 1902-1967)



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